Trip to the Chichen Itza🗿🗿🗿

For one of our day trips whilst in Mexico we decided to visit the Chichen Itza. Now putting aside getting mithered every second you walked past a stall there it was actually really interesting. You couldn’t actually touch any of the pyramids but you could get very near.

It was really nice to get up close to something that is classed as one of the 7 wonders of the world. I didn’t realise there was that many of them I literally thought it was just one. I must be daft 🙈. But you got a tour guide on the trip but we decided to go around it ourselves. It was a day trip and we went to a mayan house too and learnt about their culture but it was crazy how different of a life they live to other parts of Mexico.

We did enjoy the trip overall and it wasn’t really dear to get in. We bought some bargain statues at the hundreds of stalls surrounding the place too which was nice.

One word of warning though put them in your hand luggage as my boyfriends case got stopped coming home twice as we went to Canada also before coming home and his case was delayed by the IFA due to them thinking the statues were something else! 🙈

Hope you enjoyed the read,

Hol x


Krystal Cancun hotel review & Cancun experience✈️☀️..

So as part of our 3 week holiday our second destination was Cancun. We stayed at the Krystal hotel which I believe is a 3* hotel. It’s actually lovely I couldn’t say a bad word about it. The only thing was our floor we was in one of the lifts the button to the 3rd floor didn’t work so we always had to wait for the other lift to go up to our room. It wasn’t really an issue though.

The rooms are lovely we got a double queen sized room and only needed one bed but it was the one available at booking. We had a gorgeous bathroom and huge shower. The room was actually really spacious with a nice balcony too.

The view overlooked the sea and the hotel swimming pool directly below but we was virtually next to the beach. We did stay on Cancun’s main strip which we do regret, nothing to do with the hotel as once you was in that you were fine but whenever we wanted to go out and get food or go to the shops we was pestered. But we didn’t get all inclusive with the hotel unfortunately as we booked it as cheap as we could through However we did decide for the last couple of nights we was there to pay and eat in the hotel restaurants and the food was lovely.

There was definitely nothing wrong with the hotel whatsoever I would only say one little thing when we had finished our meal on our last night my boyfriend went to tip the waiter and he complained it wasn’t enough. Like I thought it was so rude we didn’t have to give him a penny yet he said it wasn’t much. Then the following day when we got out of our taxi at the airport the guy says where’s my tip?! I really thought it was so rude! I don’t like their culture there at all I think they need to change their attitude as when your walking down a street if you want to go in somewhere or want to buy a trip then you will! You don’t need to be asked constantly and mithered! So for our first experience of Cancun outside of the hotel it wasn’t the best.

We did do two trips while in Cancun we went quad biking and to Chichen Itza which I will be posting about. My boyfriend did parasailing too which he enjoyed. For the rest of the time we went shopping and chilled.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the read!

Hol x

Bahamas day trip☀️🏖

So we decided to go to the Bahamas for a day trip to see what all the fuss was about. Now don’t get me wrong the beaches were gorgeous and the sea was clear blue however other than that it wasn’t all that I had hoped it to be. We got tickets off trip advisor for like £100 each for me and my partner. It was a cruise over there and it was a nice journey on the boat. But when we was there it was just the beach that was the best part other than that there isn’t a great deal to do. The part we went to was the Baelarus cruise and went into the town part shopping but it was just your standard little shops like you would get in Spain etc.

I just personally myself was really excited for this trip and we even had to pay more due to the fact our coach was late so had to pay an Uber from Orlando to Miami as that’s where the cruise was from and we was a bit gutted. Don’t get me wrong though If you want a nice relaxing day on the beach you go to the right place but I definitely wouldn’t have stayed there a week etc as there isn’t enough to do.

Let me know if you’ve ever visited the Bahamas and your experience!

Hol x

CutesyUK bag review*🛍

So I was recently contacted by Megan at Cutesy asking if I would like to review one of the items on her site. So I had a good search on the site and seen as I have had way too many clothes purchased for myself lately from when I went away I decided to choose a bag. There was a wide selection to choose from but the one I chose was a bit different to what I have had previous. They do this bag in pink and blue but I really fancied the blue. It’s a lovely blue velvet style bag. I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it is however I’m very glad as it’s the perfect size and now I can flick between my Louis Vuitton one for putting loads in and this one for everyday use. One more thing I must add is it came very quickly too as it was here first thing Monday morning. It’s very well packaged too so took quite a bit of time getting into it🙈.

The quality seems really good I must say. It’s quite a sturdy bag and doesn’t seem to be one of them that will loose its shape. You can have the choice whether to put the long strap on or keep it off. I will most likely keep it off but I thought I would show it on for the sake of the photo.

I was actually really impressed with the inner lining of the bag also as it’s like a brown colour but it makes it look so much more expensive than it was. I think this bag was around £17.99 to purchase which is a steal as it’s a really nice quality bag. It has plenty of pockets too which is great for everyday use. But because it’s a nice looking bag you could definitely dress it up for a night out too etc!

I highly recommend you going checking this website out ☺️ whether it’s clothing, shoes or accessories this website has it all and I can definitely see it doing well as I think it’s a fairly new business!

Don’t just take my word for it take a look below and go treat yourself 😘

Hol x

*all views are my own, I was kindly gifted this product but I am giving my complete honest review*

Holding a baby lion cub🦁🦁🦁🦁

Hands down this is definitely one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done in my life. It felt so amazing to hold a baby lion thinking one day they will be a huge lion and I will have held them. This place in Miami is called ZWF they raise them and look after them, I fully support them as the whole complex is amazing and they let the cub just stroll around us for a bit after too.

I would highly recommend this place if you ever come to Miami it is a bit out in the nicks but so worth it! You can easily get a Uber there and back as they have Wi-fi. It cost me and my partner £50 each to hold one and have a photo session cuddling her. It just was so surreal. I honestly loved every minute of it, I think it was about 20 mins we got to spend time with her for and the minute we left I just wanted to do it all again! 🙈

Let me know if you’ve ever done anything like this!

Hol x